You know Wildlife Reserves Singapore are doing things right when they named a baby pangolin ‘Sandshrew’

Photo: Video screengrab
Photo: Video screengrab

This poor little Sunda pangolin was stranded all alone in the Upper Thomson area when a kind stranger managed to rescue the one and a half month old critter and bring it to Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS).

Under the care of Dr. Serena Oh — Assistant Director and Head Vet of Veterinary Services — it received the care it needed, as well as a fitting name: Sandshrew. As in entry #27 in the Pokédex, Sandshrew.

Photo: Pokémon Wiki

Admittedly, it wasn’t Dr. Oh who came up with the name — that honor was bestowed by her daughter, who had “Pokémon Go still fresh in her mind”. Right on, young trainer.

Just give it a couple of months (once it reaches level 22), and little Sandshrew should be aptly renamed to Sandslash, its proper evolved form.

Pangolin Sandslash
Sandslash right next to its real-life inspiration. Photo: Nerdist

More Pokémon designations for rescued wildlife, please.

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