Kingdom of Cute: Singapore’s first cat museum Lion City Kitty to open in January

Singapore’s love for felines and cat cafes will be coming to an acutely furry apex when Lion City Kitty opens its doors in January at Purvis Street as Singapore’s first and only cat museum. 

Lion City Kitty: The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion will be a unique establishment that will be divided into three distinct segments, differentiated by three whole levels of paw-some cat paraphernalia. The Cat Museum on the second floor will feature the history of cats from around the world along with curated cat-related visual artwork, photographs and commissioned pieces. Word is that there’ll also be ‘Lunchtime Kitten Therapy’ sessions where visitors can totally de-stress by playing with cats in the kitten kindergarten. 

Here’s what kitten therapy looks like — please hold in your tears. 

Level three hosts the Muses gallery, paying tribute to the cats of Singapore, tracing the animal’s lineage throughout the nation’s history, including the cats that voyaged together with our founding forefathers, British cats during the colonisation period and the Japanese cats that arrived during the occupation. 

Cat lovers across the country are encouraged to pin a photo of their cat with their name and where they reside on a wall called ‘Every Singaporean Cat’. Artists can also use the space to display and create their cat-related creative works. A collaboration with the Cat Welfare Society will allow visitors to play with selected felines in a space designed to socialise the cats in an ideal home environment and find potential adopters. 

The top floor houses the Mansion, a sprawling playground complete with toys, scratching posts and more for the nine cats who’ll reside the premises — most of which were rescued and will have background stories to share.

“Our mission as a social enterprise is to change the community’s mindset towards cats and animals, and to create an interest in our local kitties who, like us, are the descendants of their ‘pawfathers’,” says Lion City Kitty founder Jessica Seet, who self-funded the whole project. 

Lion City Kitty officially launches on Jan. 9, but those interested in getting sneak peeks can reserve a spot by contacting More details available on their official website

Photo: Wahj via Flickr

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