Jailed: Bitter man who dumped his dump on his ex-girlfriend after getting dumped

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Bitter over getting dumped, a married man visited the workplace of his ex-girlfriend last September and did a little dumping of his own. Like, for real — he hurled literal shit at the poor lady, and since the feces were in liquid form due to his diarrhea, the flung excrement made some significant, er, collateral damage.

The 48-year-old man has since been sentenced to prison for two years and two months on Monday after he pleaded guilty to criminal intimidation, mischief, using criminal force, assault theft and harassment, The New Paper reports.

The court has placed a gag order on the convict to protect the identity of the 28-year-old victim.

Despite being married, the man maintained a relationship with the woman. The two lived together in his flat and worked at a chicken rice stall in Bedok. Troubles began on Aug 15 last year when they got into a squabble at their workplace that ended with the man brandishing a chopper to threaten the victim to stop her from leaving.

She resigned from her job at the chicken rice stall that same night, and her brother lodged a police report against the man over his threatening behavior the next day. Things soured further, and she moved out of his home the following month. She later broke up with him over the phone.

The lady then found a new job at an eatery in ION Orchard shopping center, Shin Min Daily News reported.

It was on Sep 26 last year that the man suffered diarrhea and decided to defecate in a plastic bag, which he brought along to ION Orchard the next day when he paid a visit at the workplace of his ex-girlfriend. While her back was turned, he tossed the contents of the bag at her, and the stool splashed and splattered onto her arm and onto her colleague’s face. Yeesh.

The shit smattered on the counter of the victim’s workplace as well as the counter of another eatery. Both stalls had to end operations for the day and throw away all the prepared food, resulting in losses of over $5,000, TNP reported.

The harassment continued months later. On Nov 11, the man appeared at a bus stop where the victim was and pushed her against a notice board. He proceeded to punch her, pull her nose, scratch her neck, and bit her face before fleeing the scene.

Four days later, he stole about $20 from a cash donation box at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in Chinatown.

It’s back to prison for the man, who had already spent seven years in the clink for property-related offenses, and was just released in 2016.

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