Jade Rasif loses resident DJ job at Zouk following Marshmello tiff; surprises no one at all

Oh Jade. Really, what were you expecting when you bit the hand that fed you?

In a move that seemed like she didn’t want a cushy, stable gig as a resident DJ for Zouk’s Velvet Underground club, she went ahead and started a little tiff with her employers in the aftermath of music festival Ultra last week. The model-turned-DJ stereotype accused Zouk of having “cheated” its audience by letting an imposter DJ into the club and behind the console.

Her unnecessary exasperation stemmed from the fact that electronic dance music DJ Marshmello was in Singapore over the weekend for Ultra Singapore, but played at a closing party at CÉ LA VI. The dude who was in Marshmello’s similar get-up was not the real deal — simply a fan who dressed up and partied at Zouk that night.

Rasif’s big mouth landed her in trouble, especially since the real Marshmello was angrily under the impression that Zouk actually hired an imposter. The iconic nightclub had to come out to defend itself amidst the trivial misunderstanding, assuring people that the dude was not hired as a mascot or to DJ.

Furthermore, party-goers that night vouched for the dude dressed as Marshmello, saying he was just another clubber who simply stood behind the DJ as part of a standard posse on stage.

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Attractive Rasif might be (her beats and mixes are nothing to shout about anyway), but that didn’t stop her from promptly getting the sack. Though she still defended her decision to speak out.

The whole saga’s pretty dumb to begin with, really. Outspoken prog-house producer Deadmau5 had the perfect response to the way-overblown fuss.

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