Ivy-Singh Lim wants to start a political party that’s ‘not afraid of God, governments or ghosts’

Ivy-Singh Lim, who founded local farm attraction Bollywood Veggies with her husband Lim Ho Seng, wants to start an all-female political party.

In a video for Singapore tabloid The New Paper (TNP), the 65-year-old expressed her interest in putting together the Gentle Warriors Party, a political party made up of women who “have got no worries about speaking their minds, being fired from their jobs and their husbands scolding them”. 

She also said these women would not be afraid of “God, governments or ghosts”. 

And why Gentle Warriors? It’s derived from a name the environmental activist used to describe herself “The Gentle Woman”, which was later changed when a friend said it didn’t really suit her. Explaining, Singh-Lim describes the members of her potential political institution as people who “fight for our rights, believe in our rights” in a “gentle manner – not overthrowing the government, not creating a riot, not beating people up”. 

And according to TNP, Singh-Lim already approached local writer Catherine Lim to be a part of her initiative, but she rejected, saying she did not have the inclination for political office. 

Watch the video:



Photo: Video screenshot

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