Intense dashcam footage reveals road rage confrontation along East Coast Road that had driver and cyclist arrested (Video)

Photos: Christopher Seetoh
Photos: Christopher Seetoh

The dashcam footage of the recent road rage-fueled altercation involving a driver who drove off with a cyclist on her car’s bonnet has surfaced.

A close to four-minute video filmed from inside the car showed how the incident unfolded along 112 East Coast Road on Friday and what led to the two women involved being arrested for allegedly committing a rash act.

It was around 2:25pm when the cyclist in yellow can be spotted driving at the side of a road with the car approaching and taking over while turning left on a bend.

An “Excuse me!” can be heard from the cyclist off-camera when the car took the left turn and continued to drive off.

When the car stopped at a traffic light, the cyclist appeared and stood in front of the car with her bicycle.

“Excuse me? What the hell was that? I was on the bend, and you overtook me on the bend […] It’s a single lane, you realize that right?” she shouted.

When the cyclist moved to the side the car accelerated and a loud thud could be heard. That’s when the situation escalated in wrath.

Though muffled, the cyclist can be heard protesting and scolding the driver.

“But you hit my car, you put your face in front of me and you’re being so aggressive. I already said I’m sorry please,” the driver replied before screaming: “Don’t do that, don’t fucking touch my car!”

The cyclist then said she was going to call the cops but the driver still continued to accelerate, bumping into the cyclist who refused to move.

The driver then came out of the car and singlehandedly moved the bicycle presumably to the side that is off-camera.

She then got back into her car, ignoring the cyclist’s woes and kept inching forward.

The cyclist then jumped on the car’s bonnet and screamed and banged onto the hood. The car droved for about 100 meters before making a left and stopping at the entrance of a drop-off point at the i12 Katong shopping mall. 

The driver then told pedestrians who witnessed the incident to ask the cyclist to “get off” her car but pedestrians can be heard telling her that she can’t drive like this.

“I went very slowly, I need to go into the shopping center, would you please get her off,” the driver said, adding that she needs to go into the mall for her “class.”

This happened all while the cyclist was still clinging onto the windshield wiper with her mouth gaping. The video ends as passers-by came to attend to the cyclist who was still in shock.

The whole incident took place over five minutes.

There were no reported injuries and police investigations are ongoing.

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