Inspired by bubble tea toast in Singapore, Epic Meal Time makes a gigantic version of it

Photo: Video screengrab

Our undying love for bubble tea has evolved to the point of crispy confectionaries: literal bubble tea toasts with actual tapioca pearls to chew on.

Believed to have originated from the birthplace of bubble tea itself, the gooey toasts have made landfall in Singapore, the land of overhyped fad food and beverages. It seems like our enthusiasm for bubble tea toasts was big enough to attract the attention of Epic Meal Time, the YouTube cooking channel known for its unabashed commitment to calories by crafting gigantic meals, usually made with huge doses of alcohol and bacon.

(Side-note: The channel peaked many years ago and people just forgot about their hijinks after their shtick got repetitive. Seems like they’re trying to make a comeback on YouTube in recent months.)

Wrongly attributing bubble tea toasts as a Singaporean creation, the bros went ahead and made a huge-ass version with candied bacon sprinkled in between, because they’re Epic Meal Time. Coming in at a total of 43,924 calories, the end result is as simultaneously epic and nauseating as anyone would expect. Check it out below.

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