Heehee: We read Ho Ching’s Facebook riddle so you don’t have to

At left, Ho Ching in a 2017 photo. At right, one of her latest head-scratchers posted online. Photos: Ho Ching/Facebook
At left, Ho Ching in a 2017 photo. At right, one of her latest head-scratchers posted online. Photos: Ho Ching/Facebook

Not long after the “Err…” heard ‘round the region drove a wedge between Singapore and Taiwan, Ho Ching last night authored another mind-boggling post choked with so much laughter yet so little sense. 

Starting with a string of heehees, hic hics and laughing emojis, Ho seemed at first caught up in some epic amusement so debilitating that it left her incapable of speech – “Seriously, folks, the world can sometimes be very funny!” – and continued with another triple “Heehee”. It closed with a mental image of Ho sprawled on the floor, convulsing with uncontrollable laughter.

But then, the prime minister’s wife circled back to herself, veered into public needs for protective gear, and then swung back to defend her right to write as she pleases on Facebook. 

And write she does – 374 posts in the past 24 hours alone.

Ho threw shade at anyone who thinks she should not be posting so frequently due to her position as first lady and CEO of the multibillion-dollar Temasek state investment company. 

“I couldn’t help but be so tickled. Wow!” she offered in her post. “Folks who blocked others from posting contrarians views on their sites, while they try to mouth the slogan of free speech – they now want to deprive yours truly from posting on my own FB page? Awwww …. that’s pretty rich, don’t you think?”

Heehee heehee heeheehee!

Heehee heehee heeheehee!

Hic hic hic hic hic!

Heehee heehee heehee heeheehee!

Lolz 😂 😂 😂…

Posted by HO Ching on Monday, 20 April 2020


Ho came in for criticism earlier this month for clearly dissing a Taiwanese donation of face masks to Singapore by writing “Errrr…” in response. She seemed miffed that a Temasek firm making masks there had to pull out of Taiwan after its government forbade their export.

Last night’s post is now lengthier than what it was originally, when it consisted only of the laughter and emojis. Ho said she had updated it after a friend asked whether her Facebook account had been hacked. 

“Hello again, everyone! Just finished a quick dinner, and enjoyed time with the family too …. But friends caused me to chuckle, chuckle again, asking me if my FB account has been hacked. Just having my laughs for the day!” she wrote. 

She then went on to write incoherently about the Temasek’s charity arm being asked to supply hand sanitizers and reusable masks to local prisons, before circling back to, again, talk about herself.

“Was born a maverick – coming feet first instead of head first – so i guess irreverence is in my blood …,” she said.

“Never mind – that’s life – and tomorrow is another day! Have a good night, and have a good rest, everyone! And thank you all, for watching out for me, and especially for looking out for each other and for everyone else who may need help in Singapore and elsewhere.”

People mostly scratched their heads over the motive of the post, which has since been shared more than 2,000 times. Others laughed along, speculating that Ho was probably under COVID-19 stress. 

“Jiayou!!! Thankyou so much! We know all the background work are stressful and so much advance planning needed to be done ! Please jiayou !!! Thankyou all working no day no night,” Facebook user Sylvia Tanggu said.

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