Haw Par Villa ‘disappointed’ at visitor who touched and stepped on everything (Videos)

A woman touching and climbing onto Haw Par Villa’s sculptures. Photos: Anniexu403/TikTok
A woman touching and climbing onto Haw Par Villa’s sculptures. Photos: Anniexu403/TikTok

Singapore’s cultural theme park is upset about a visitor who couldn’t follow simple rules to not touch and disrespect their intricate artworks. Hell really is other people. 

Haw Par Villa last night addressed the public’s outrage relating to TikTok user Anniexu403 who posted several videos of her stepping on the sculptures with her heels and touching almost everything she saw.

“The management of Haw Par Villa is disappointed at the behaviour of the visitor who goes by the TikTok username “anniexu403”. Her actions are irresponsible as they not only endanger herself but will also damage the art works,” the park wrote.

“Furthermore, the works reflect Asian cultural values and ethical behaviour which sadly was not displayed by the visitor.”


♬ 原声 – Annie Xu

The 85-year-old theme park, which opened its Hell’s Museum last Halloween, is known for housing the renowned 10 Courts of Hell exhibit and the over 1,000 handmade statues and 150 intricately painted dioramas relating to Chinese mythology and folklore.

The park said they generally have “very well-behaved guests” but when there are troublesome brats, staff will intervene and they will eventually abide. They did not elaborate on whether they did stop the TikToker and whether she complied.

The videos are still up as of publication time. Users fumed in the comments section, telling her that she was “too much” and was disrespecting the artwork.


♬ 原声 – Annie Xu

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