Golden Mile Complex gets lovingly memorialized in video game ‘Cities: Skylines’

Photo: Ali Cafe Hao YEAH! via Steam
Photo: Ali Cafe Hao YEAH! via Steam

The final fate of Beach Road icon Golden Mile Complex is still up in the air (the Urban Redevelopment Authority are currently figuring out a way to facilitate conservation), but that’s not stopping the brutalist beauty from getting memorialized in a video game.

Thanks to the meticulous efforts of one very capable gamer, Golden Mile Complex was lovingly recreated in city-building simulation video game Cities: Skyline. The attention to detail is astounding — an individual who goes by the handle Ali Cafe Hao YEAH! crafted an accurate digital replica of the property, complete with the stepped terrace design, the rusted makeshift zinc roofs, and even the void deck on the ninth floor of the building.

The works of Ali Cafe Hao YEAH! should be familiar to local fans of Cities: Skyline. The creator has been uploading assets of Singaporean buildings, structures, and landmarks that can be used in the game, and yes, that includes ERP gantries. For those who are interested, the Golden Mile Complex model for Cities: Skyline can be downloaded for free via Steam.

Photo: Ali Cafe Hao YEAH! via Steam
Photo: Ali Cafe Hao YEAH! via Steam

(Possibly) saved from demolition

Completed in 1973, Golden Mile Complex was once hailed as an advanced development that combined residential, office and retail units under one roof. Years went by and the building was later deemed as an eyesore and a shady place for sleazy entertainment and violent fights.

In August last year, the building underwent an en bloc sale, which meant that the landmark would have been totally demolished to make way for a new development. But after overwhelming outcry by Singaporeans, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) revealed that it might not be knocked down after all.

“URA has assessed the building to have heritage value, and is in the process of engaging the stakeholders to explore options to facilitate conservation,” a URA spokesperson noted to Coconuts Singapore. In an update, the URA confirmed that the engagement and conservation study is still ongoing.


Editor’s Note: Article amended to clarify that URA is still conducting studies on how to conserve Golden Mile Complex

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