Fowl Play: Trio’s ‘eggstraordinary’ canal rescue makes waves in Yishun

Photos grabbed from TikTok/@morrdecai
Photos grabbed from TikTok/@morrdecai

In a heartwarming act of compassion and bravery, three Good Samaritans came together to rescue a stranded chick that had fallen into a canal in Yishun, Singapore. 

The incident unfolded near Safra Yishun along Yishun Avenue 4, capturing the attention of onlookers and even garnering praise from social media users.

A video of the rescue mission, widely shared on TikTok, documented the trio’s determined efforts to save the distressed chick, which was in a state of panic and fluttering wildly within the canal. The heroic endeavor began with a man in a gray t-shirt making the first attempt to reach the chick, which was scuttling along the canal’s bottom.

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The chick is believed to have been separated from its family, leading to its unfortunate plunge into the canal. The situation escalated when the chick entered a circular rainwater drainage opening at the canal’s bottom, making it challenging for the rescuers to access.

As the first attempt proved unsuccessful, a second man in green decided to join the mission. Despite his intentions to help, he acknowledged the presence of others already aiding in the rescue.

However, the persistence of the group of onlookers, mostly youngsters, led to the third man’s entry into the canal. 

“I don’t care, you have to help it, you get pahala (merit for a good deed in Islam), at least you go to heaven, one ticket away,” said a girl in the video. 

What followed were moments of chaos and determination, as the second and third rescuers worked in tandem, chasing the elusive chick along the slippery canal bottom. At one point, the chick was briefly lifted over the concrete edge but managed to slip away and return to the canal.

Despite the setbacks, the trio’s collective efforts bore fruit. The third man, determined to see the rescue through, finally succeeded in retrieving the chick from the canal. 

The little feathered creature was released onto a nearby grass patch, where it eagerly scampered away to safety.

The heartwarming rescue drew cheers and applause from the younger spectators who had been witnessing the drama unfold. 

Social media was abuzz with admiration for the three men’s selfless act, with praise pouring in for their unwavering dedication to saving the stranded chick.

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