Footage of street racing youngsters foolishly uploaded on Instagram before going viral online

Video screengrabs

As everyone should know by now, never upload your illegal hijinks on social media, even if it’s a private post shared only among friends — anything on the internet stays forever.

A young lady left a digital footprint that the authorities could use to implicate her and her friends when she posted a series of Instagram Stories depicting them in the midst of speeding dangerously on public roads. The clips, which have gone viral on Facebook, captured her point of view from inside her companion’s car as they raced against a group of friends in another car. They certainly didn’t seem too bothered about breaking the law either as they laughed, yelled and goaded each other into racing.

Though the video didn’t capture the exact speeds of the vehicles, it’s not hard to see that the two drivers were acting recklessly on the roads. As they zoomed past each other with engines roaring, other vehicles can be seen around them. The race even continued in a road tunnel, with one car making backfiring noises that sounded like a machine gun.

Folks were quick to condemn the young street racers.

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