Paddle pop sky: Fire rainbow spotted in Singapore

Photo: Min Htet/Facebook
Photo: Min Htet/Facebook

A rare and colourful rainbow has been spotted in the Singapore sky, as netizens took to social media today to share videos and photos of this natural marvel, with some suggesting that it could be a fire rainbow.

Despite its name, the phenomenon doesn’t have anything to do with fire or rainbows. Otherwise known as a circumhorizontal arc, it occurs when sunlight shines through ice crystals in high-altitude cirrus clouds. It’s unclear where or when exactly this took place, but it sure is a gloriously prismatic sight.

A similar multi-coloured glow actually appeared in Singapore two years ago, although experts from the Meteorological Service Singapore claimed that the unusual sight was an iridescent cloud, not a fire rainbow.

An iridescent cloud is caused by tiny water droplets or ice crystals individually scattering light – a rare sight in Singapore because of our geographical proximity to the equator.

It’s neat reminder for us to take a moment and do some sky gazing the next time we’re out and about, ‘cause there’s no telling what kind of view Mother Nature will fashion in the clouds.

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