‘Fin Bro’ or ‘Gym Bro’? TikTok user creates game to build your ideal ‘Singaporean boyfriend’

Photos: Dysfunc_t/TikTok
Photos: Dysfunc_t/TikTok

What are Singaporean boyfriends like? This TikTok user hashed out a “comprehensive” list of traits of a typical local man and turned it into a game just for laughs.

Players get to use up five points across three categories: “Bro” Type, Fashion and Interest. 

“Let’s play a game of build your Singaporean boyfriend!” TikTok user Dysfunc_t said in the clip that garnered over 120,000 views in a day.

To start off, choose from the kind of “Bro” you desire. There’s the “Fin Bro” aka men that work in finance and are worth three points, then there’s the “Gym Bro” worth two points, and the normal “Bruh” worth one point.

Then choose their fashion sense from being stylish for three points to “Uniqlo Basics,” a uniform most Singaporean men currently don, and the “PT Kit” which is essentially activewear and would most probably wear “fit flops to Orchard that kind,” the user explained.

And finally, if there are any points to spare, there’s the “interest” category with an affinity for sports, gaming and anime.

But you can also omit the entire category for “zero personality,” the user said.

“If you ask him what he like to do, he’ll be like “oh I like to sleep lor”,” he added.


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TikTok users in the comments struggled with the game. One wasn’t too happy with the points system for a “Fin bro” while another decided to pass completely.

One user thought this game encapsulates the persona of a younger Singaporean man.

But others thought that the options were too limited, asking where the “church,” “music,” “art” and “tech” bros are at.

Still, some demanded for a girlfriend version of the game which we’re sure would be equally chaotic as well.

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