Elizabeth Houghton disqualified from overseas beauty pageant, controversy ensues

Controversy hangs in the air when Miss World Singapore 2013’s first runner-up Elizabeth Houghton was disqualified at her first overseas beauty pageant, Miss Grand International 2013, on Nov. 19.

According to The New Paper, Houghton was asked to leave the pageant because she smokes — something the competition does not condone.

However, the 18-year-old nursing student has a different story to tell.

When she saw the organisers teasing other contestants of being fat, she stood up for them and as a result got blacklisted.

Soon after, she was told to pack her bags and leave.

Vice-president of international affairs for Miss Grand International Teresa Chaivisut said that the hotel Houghton was living in has stringent rules on smoking. She had also received a complaint from a hotel staff stating that Houghton had been spotted smoking in public.

Houghton, however, confirmed with one of the management staff that guests can smoke in their balconies.

Something fishy going on?

Photo: Miss World Singapore’s Facebook

Source: The New Paper

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