Elderly Singaporean retirees are heading over to Johor for cheaper prostitutes

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Singapore: the land of over-priced land, food, booze and you can now add hookers to the list. Or so think a growing number of retiree “uncles” who come across the Causeway regularly to visit the foreign prostitutes of Johor.

The going rate for a tryst? RM80-RM150 (SGD25-SGD48), depending on “looks and age.” Less than $50 for a shag? Cheap, cheap, lah.

China Press reports that a strip of the city is quickly becoming the de facto red-light district, teeming with groups of pensioners coming to visit the mainly Chinese and Vietnamese sex workers. A man, who would only be identified as Chen, told reporters that his 70-year-old father has become enamored with the city, and had been asking his children to spend more time there. Let that sink in for a second, before you realize how creepy it is to ask your kids to hang around while you visit a hooker.

The women typically sit in coffee shops wearing more revealing attire, and will approach the “uncles,” offering services.

One man was quoted as saying that he and his other retiree buddies hit Johor at least once a week.

Police, pro tip: if you want to cut this problem at the source, we may have a solution. Let’s be real, a 70-year-old is not getting through any kind of sex session without some kind of chemical assistance.

Cut the Viagra supply, you’ll be left with a lot of cars with no gas. Problem solved. You’re welcome.


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