Eden Ang’s alleged sexually harassed victim has yet to actually lodge a report, according to the cops

Photos: Eden Ang; Singapore Police Force via Facebook
Photos: Eden Ang; Singapore Police Force via Facebook

The Eden Ang saga continues. After the 31-year-old YouTube personality took to Facebook to categorically deny all the accusations about his alleged sexual misconduct with a former personal assistant, the Singapore Police Force put out its own statement.

What the authorities are taking issue with is the fact that the alleged victim’s friend made some pretty serious claims about police officers from the Clementi Police Division, who were said to have been unsympathetic to the victim.

But before we get into the police statement, feel free to read up on everything you need to know about the ongoing Eden Ang sexual harassment scandal. TL;DR: (apparently) famous YouTuber, Eden Ang, is accused of acting inappropriately with his 18-year-old personal assistant. His behavior included sending lewd messages, making her strip down to her undies, and spanking her ass. The teen supposedly made a police report but was spurned and even blamed for letting it happen, claimed her friend, who goes by Kuroe Kun on Facebook.

Here’s what Kuroe Kun claimed to have happened, in her now-deleted Facebook post.

  • Friend tried to report the sexual harassment case to the police.
  • A male police officer was cruel throughout the questioning. According to Kuroe Kun, he said “it’s your fault” to the victim, and stated that the traumatic incident was consensual.
  • Later, the victim was turned away by the police, even though a female officer told her to make a report.
Photo: Facebook screengrab

Police are calling Kuroe Kun’s claims “unfounded and false”, stating that the male officer in subject carried out his duty professionally. Here’s their side of the story.

  • The investigating officer who handled her friend’s report neither made any insensitive remarks nor turned away the alleged victim.
  • The officer did not turn Kuroe Kun’s friend away — it was the alleged victim herself who said that she needed time to consider lodging a police report.
  • The police called up the alleged victim to make a police report. But she “has not been forthcoming in her accounts” and has yet to make a proper report, despite their ongoing efforts to reach out to her.

Look like Kuroe Kun might get in trouble for her damning post as well.

“The Police take a very serious view of all complaints or allegations made against our officers. Such complaints will be thoroughly investigated and if substantiated, the Police will not hesitate to take action against any errant officer. However, we also cannot condone malicious allegations against the Police. If the allegations are found to be false and made maliciously, appropriate action in accordance with the law will be taken.”

So far, nothing has been said by the cops about Eden Ang himself, or his alleged sexual misconduct with a teenager.

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