Driver leaves licence plate behind in alleged hit-and-run accident, causing massive online witch hunt

Facebook user Patrick Lee posted photos of an alleged hit-and-run accident between a cyclist and a driver (Photo: Patrick Lee / Facebook)

A driver’s licence plate was left behind in an alleged hit-and-run accident that happened around Punggol Central on Friday (Dec 7).

A Facebook post by Patrick Lee showed two photos of the incident: one of them with a cyclist lying on the ground, and another photo of two bikes on the floor with a licence plate on top of it.

In the post which has gotten more than 1,900 Facebook shares as of press time, Lee reportedly said that the hit-and-run accident happened “before my very eyes” and alleged that the driver of a car “left this poor cyclist on the ground with moving traffic”.

Lee said to Mothership that the cyclist was trying to “execute a normal red light crossing” when he saw the cyclist being hit from the side.

The crash reportedly caused the cyclist to fly off into the ground with his bicycle breaking into three parts, Lee added.

According to a report by The Straits Times, police said the car’s driver, a 60-year-old man, is assisting with investigations.

The photo with the licence plate has caused a massive online witch hunt for the driver who allegedly fled the scene, with commenters trying to identify the driver behind the incident.

Other commenters who reached out to Patrick’s post sent in their well-wishes for the cyclist.

Coconuts Singapore has contacted the police to ask for more information regarding this case.

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