Dog thought to have gone missing from Platinium Dogs Club actually cremated already: AVA

Photo: Mao / Facebook
Photo: Mao / Facebook

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has assured the public that investigations are still being carried out into Platinium Dogs Club, the shady pet boarding hotel that has seen many of its customers heartbroken over the alleged mistreatment of their dogs.

Good news though — nearly all of the animals that were retrieved from the facility at 38 Gallistan Avenue have reunited with their owners.

Acting on complaints of abuse lodged by several dog owners, the authorities raided the pet boarding house on Dec 29 and 31.They found 18 dogs and a rabbit, all of which were taken into temporary custody for safekeeping until their owners return.

As of today, AVA is still taking care of a dog whose owner remains overseas. As for the rabbit, the authorities are still trying to figure out its ownership.

Prince, the Shetland sheepdog

Photos: Video screengrab; Mao Facebook page
Photos: Video screengrab; Mao Facebook page

The sad news, however, is that the Shetland sheepdog believed to have ran away from the facility is confirmed dead. Following investigations, AVA confirmed that Prince the dog had died while it was boarded at Platinium and was cremated by a pet cremation service provider without its owner’s knowledge.

Prince’s owner, Elaine Mao, had confronted the proprietor of the facility last Wednesday to get answers about her dog, which she believed to have escaped. Mao had left her seven-year-old pet under Platinium’s care last month went she went on vacation overseas, but it was cut short after she received a message that Prince ran away. Demands and pleas for answers during the confrontation last week were ignored.

Calling for help from members of the public, Mao mounted a full-scale search effort around the Bukit Timah district, where it was reportedly seen roaming around. On Monday, the woman remained confident that people have been spotting Prince, and even offered a $2,000 reward for anyone able to retrieve him.

Today, however, Mao’s high hopes of reuniting with Prince have been tragically dashed. AVA is confident that her dog has been cremated — one of the few pets that have been cremated while left under the care of Platinium. It remains unclear how AVA managed to verify that Prince died.

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