Delivery rider exposes traumatic incident at MOS Burger outlet in Toa Payoh involving elderly employee

Photo: James_sg88/TikTok
Photo: James_sg88/TikTok

You might hear plenty of tales from food delivery riders about their experiences with customers but in a video uploaded on TikTok, user @james_sg88 – or James Ong – ran into quite the situation at the MOS burger outlet in Toa Payoh’s HDB Hub while picking up a food order. 

“[W]as collecting my Grabfood order at MOS burger HDB hub when this happened this is totally unacceptable,” Ong wrote in the 8-minute clip posted yesterday.

@james_sg88 was collecting my Grabfood order at MOS burger HDB hub when this happened this is totally unacceptable #mosburgersg #toapayoh #grabfood #singaporetiktok #sgtiktok ♬ original sound – James ONG88

The video begins rather normally with Ong stating his pick-up order and waiting around for it. As is writing down the details for the order, an employee, presumably a manager in the kitchen comes out from the back and confronts another employee who is an elderly man. 

Apparently, the elderly employee had given the delivery order to another customer.

“Uncle gave to the wrong person? It’s ok, as long as the order is correct,” Ong said in Mandarin.

But the manager didn’t take it as well and started banging on the tables, slamming freezers and stuff could be heard thrown around in the kitchen as he prepared the order.

Ong, who was shocked, moved back to film the entire incident while the uncle stepped out of the counter and clear of the manager’s way.

“Nevermind, I got a camera here,” Ong said, gesturing to his helmet. “If I upload it on Facebook, I’m sure he’ll be fired I tell you,” he told the uncle.

After what seemed like an eternity, the order was done and the manager moved on to attend a new customer.

“Everything ok?” Ong asked the uncle as the completed order was handed over to him.

The uncle, who acted like nothing happened, didn’t reply but still thanked him before he left.

MOS Burger Singapore has not immediately responded to Coconuts’ queries.

Commenters chimed in saying that the manager had “serious anger issues” and pitied the uncle who some knew personally and vouched that he is “very friendly.”

Some speculated that this isn’t the first time the uncle had dealt with such trauma.

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