Chinese man abducted and held in Singapore reunites tearfully with parents after 28-year separation

Kai Ye (middle) pictured embracing his mother after 28 years of separation. Photos: Weibo,
Kai Ye (middle) pictured embracing his mother after 28 years of separation. Photos: Weibo,

In the heart of China, a miraculous tale unfolded as a mother and son’s destinies converged after years of separation. Their story began when a man known as Kai Ye decided to embark on a quest to find his roots. In the digital realm of social media, his journey caught the eye of fate.

Kai Ye, now 32, had taken the proactive step of registering his details with the Baobei Huijia Volunteer Association, a non-governmental organization dedicated to reuniting lost children with their families. This initiative was set in motion in July 2021, a pivotal moment in his life.

Time is a curious thing, for it wasn’t long before the biological mother of this wanderer stumbled upon a video of Kai Ye amidst the vast expanse of Douyin’s digital tapestry. She promptly reached out to the compassionate volunteers of the association. She bore a heart-wrenching tale of a child born in the province of Sichuan in 1991, who vanished from her life near a bustling market merely four years later.

As Kai Ye pieced together the fragments of his memories, he recollected having an older brother and a harrowing abduction that occurred 28 years ago at a bustling market. His odyssey led him to Guangdong, China, where he spent one to two uncertain years before being trafficked to the distant shores of Singapore, where he has resided ever since, according to Riverside Video.

Intriguingly, the details offered by the woman seemed to harmonize with Kai Ye’s own recollections. The association, despite facing challenges posed by the relentless Covid-19 pandemic, orchestrated a DNA paternity test. Eventually, amidst adversity, the test confirmed the incredible truth – the woman was indeed Kai Ye’s biological mother. It was a revelation that unveiled his original name, Zhang Tao.

Recently, Kai Ye, accompanied by his loving wife, embarked on a poignant journey to Sichuan, China, where a reunion awaited them. The meeting between mother and son was nothing short of tearful, an emotional high that resonated with the very essence of their extraordinary journey.


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