Caught on Camera: GrabFood driver delivers food, then steals shoes

Screengrab: Singapore Share Share/FB
Screengrab: Singapore Share Share/FB

The GrabFood driver giveth, and, apparently, taketh away sometimes.

We probably wouldn’t believe it if we hadn’t seen the video with our own eyes, but closed-circuit footage dated to last Sunday (June 20) and shared on local FB page Singapore Share-Share appears to show the moment a GrabFood delivery driver brazenly steals a pair of shoes outside an apartment.

Screengrab: Singapore Share Share/Facebook
Screengrab: Singapore Share Share/FB
Screengrab: Singapore Share Share/Facebook
Screengrab: Singapore Share Share/FB

The security cameras from the apartment show a man in a GrabFood uniform delivering food. After the door closes and he believes he’s unseen, however, he quickly snakes a pair of shoes from the shoe rack outside the flat and places them in his insulated delivery bag before making his getaway.

Footage of the incident has been posted online and already been shared more than 1,600 times.

The video sparked anger (surprise!) among Singaporean netizens, who called for the incident to be reported to both Grab and the police.

Another wag slash master of the obvious added: “The bags are meant for food not shoes… GrabFood.”

Grab, as it turns out, is aware of the situation, and we’re guessing none too happy about. 

“We are aware of this and are investigating the matter. Grab does not condone such behavior and will terminate delivery-partners who are found guilty,” the company said in a statement to Coconuts Singapore.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s more or less the exact same language used earlier this week when a Grab driver was sentenced to three weeks in jail for stealing a backpack filled with cash and passports from a family he drove to Changi.


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