Biker’s helmet flies off during Mandai Flyover accident as biker tries to turn into expressway

A biker is seen colliding with a car at the Mandai Flyover area, causing the biker’s helmet to fly off into the ground (Photo: Screenshot from ROADS.SG Facebook page)

A biker got into a skirmish at the Mandai Flyover junction when he exited a discretionary right turn to get onto the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE) but collided with a black car coming from the opposite direction.

In a dash cam video uploaded Saturday (Dec 8) by the ROADS.SG Facebook page, the motorcyclist is seen in the middle of two other motorcyclists in a discretionary right turn waiting for oncoming vehicles to pass before making the turn to enter the slip road to the BKE towards the Johor direction.

Although the other two motorcyclists continued to wait for oncoming traffic to clear, the biker in question saw an opening in between traffic and decided to cut through the adjacent three-lane road to get into the slip road towards the expressway.

As the biker was cutting through the road, an oncoming black car in the left-most lane of the adjacent road collided with the biker, causing the motorcyclist’s helmet to fly off his head during the impact.

The driver of the black car then immediately brought the vehicle to a halt and is seen in the video coming out of the car to assess the situation. The incident happened in front of a cyclist, who was not seen to be hurt in the video but stopped their bicycle as well to see what was going on.

In the video, the dash cam is seen recording the incident on December 7 at 6pm. Coconuts Singapore has contacted the police for more details on the matter.

However, reactions towards the video have not been kind towards the biker, with many accusing the biker of coming out of the discretionary right turn too fast.

Some folks have also accused the biker of being a Malaysian driver, in a strange twist of mentioning nationality as a possible cause for the incident.

Although the biker was entering the slip road towards the Johor direction, it is not known if the driver was Malaysian or that they had an intention of entering Malaysia during the trip.

The best comment though has to go to this person who is aware of what truly matters most:

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