Foodpanda delivery man sentenced to jail, caning after attacking Batman Suparman

An image of the identification card for Batman Bin Suparman. Photo: Batman Suparman/FB
An image of the identification card for Batman Bin Suparman. Photo: Batman Suparman/FB

Singapore’s very own “caped crusader” is making headlines again — but this time, as a victim.

A man working for food delivery service Foodpanda was today sentenced to two and a half years of jail time, as well as six strokes of the cane for attacking his colleague Batman Suparman – yes, that’s his real name – in January, local media reported.

Just six years ago, Batman made it into the news for committing theft, housebreaking and drug offenses, which resulted in him being sentenced to nearly three years in jail.

Prior to that, Batman became some sort of a social media sensation in Singapore after an image of his identification card began circulating on social media platforms. However, we’re still not 100 percent sure if the identity in that card matches the criminal in 2013, or the victim in this latest case — because hey, there could very well be another Singaporean by the name of “Batman,” right?

Either way, the Batman in both cases has been pretty unfortunate.

According to TODAY, Eng Guan Hong, 40, on the afternoon of Jan. 28, swung his helmet at Batman before slashing his face with a penknife, leaving a 1-centimeter cut across the latter’s nose, and a gash on the side of his face that was 3 centimeters deep.

Eng was apparently angry at Batman for having called him out in a WhatsApp group chat in which other Foodpanda deliverers were also in.

Eng had apparently left a message in the chat regarding a new scheme for riders to take advantage of, adding that those who did not take up the scheme were “bodoh,” which means “stupid” in Malay.

Batman seemed offended by Eng’s word choice, and told him not to use the term.

Eng, allegedly annoyed by Batman’s remark, engaged the latter in a text-based argument before eventually telling Batman to meet him in person to resolve their differences.

They met outside the Foodpanda office at the United House building in Somerset, where Eng violently attacked Batman, slashing his face repeatedly and punching him, before he was finally pulled away by a group of people present at the scene.

Batman was then taken to a police station to lodge a report.

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