Ballot BBQ: Voting slips to be incinerated to ‘ensure secrecy’

The ballots cast to cement the People’s Action Party’s continued rule will be reduced to ashes this week as part of a routine procedure said to ensure the secrecy of the vote.  

The Elections Department announced today that sealed boxes of voting papers stashed at the Supreme Court for since the July 10 election will be destroyed Saturday at the Tuas South Incineration Plant. Other relevant documents used in the election will be fed to the flames as well. 

“In accordance with the Parliamentary Elections Act (Chapter 218), ballot papers and other documents used in an election shall be sealed and retained in safe custody for a period of 6 months, after which they shall be destroyed unless otherwise directed by order of the President,” its news release said. 

Representatives from various political parties will be allowed to witness the burning.

The election saw more than 2.5 million Singaporeans go to the polls to award the People’s Action Party 83 of 93 seats in Parliament, with the opposition Workers’ Party taking the rest of the chamber. 

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