Assumption Pathway School principal responds to viral case of bullying involving special needs student

In the wee hours of this morning, internet vigilantes SMRT Feedback posted a disturbing video that allegedly involved a group of Assumption Pathway School girls bullying a special needs student.

For those not in the know, Assumption Pathway is a specialized secondary school that recruits students who’ve failed their Primary School Leaving Examinations. Their students are equipped with basic literacy and numeracy skills to prepare them for the workforce, and they graduate with a certificate that’ll either qualify them for work immediately or for further studies at the Institute of Technical Education.

The video itself was captured by one of the bullies involved, with the victim made to don a garbage bag and a toilet seat cover over her head while being subjected to prodding with a toilet brush. It remains unclear when exactly the video was taken.

The internet vigilantes also outed the identity of girl who was holding the toilet brush. She has since taken down her Instagram account.

But right before she took down her account, she made a rather shitty attempt at explaining why she did so. “…I was okay with that girl, just that I was too harsh,” she wrote.

In an Instagram message screen grab, the girl said there was no need to apologize because apparently, she and the victim are “okay” now. She also dismissed the criticism, stating that it wasn’t as if they bullied the girl to death.

Then came another screenshot allegedly from a chat with the toilet brush bully, who said that she’d apologize on Monday instead.

A concerned and outraged mother who goes by Norashsikin Radzelee on Facebook then made it her goal to bring the bullies to justice. “You reap what you sow, baby,” she wrote.


But Norashsikin soon became the victim of an attempt to have her post taken down — some folks tried to report her Facebook account as a fake profile. This didn’t succeed, of course.

The latest update by Norashsikin confirmed that she sent an email to the school board about the incident. Assumption Pathway School principal Eric Leong has since replied to the email, assuring that the bullies “will be dealt with appropriately” and, most importantly, help will be given to ensure the well-being of the victim.

Meanwhile, the victim’s parents have also lodged a police report. “The police, school and victim is working together to build a case against the bullies,” Norashsikin.

With her identity (and face) out in public and no choice left but to respond, the girl involved made a rather articulate apology on Facebook today.


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