Apple’s new iPhone X to hit Singapore on Nov 3, prices start from $1,648

Photo: Apple

Following months of extensive leaks, Apple finally unveiled its new phones, which feature “revolutionary” tech… that many other smartphones already had a long time ago.

But that’s not going to stop all you Apple fanboys/girls — y’all will sell your firstborn child if that could get you the latest Apple gadget before anyone else. Anyway, the much anticipated special edition iPhone has been revealed, and it’s called the iPhone X. But really, just call it the iPhone 10.

Photo: Apple

The gorgeous new flagship phone sports a full edge-to-edge screen with a Super Retina OLED display, made with an all-glass design. No home buttons needed here, because it’ll unlock by way of facial recognition through some really impressive camera tech, which also allows animated emojis to mirror your expressions.

Other than that, everything else goes through the usual upgrades — including better processing speeds, and better front and back cameras. Oh, and iPhones finally catch up to the rest of the world with wireless charging. Although it’s still a no go to reinstate the headphone jack.

Words don’t do justice to the premium phone, so here’s Apple’s video about it.

The iPhone X will hit our shores on Nov 3 at exorbitant prices that cost as much as entry level MacBooks. Those who want to forgo mobile contracts will have to cough up at least $1,648 for the 64GB version, while it’s $1,888 for the 256GB editions.

If you aren’t willing to pay that much but still want a new iPhone, you can go for Apple’s direct successor to the previous generation. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus may not have the bezel-less display like the iPhone X, but its specs are pretty similar.

These babies will be available here on Sept 22, with prices starting from $1,148 (64GB without contract) for the iPhone 8 and $1,308 (64GB without contract) for the iPhone 8 Plus. You can pre-order directly on the Apple Singapore website or refer to the various telcos for price lists with mobile contracts.

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