An app for a good cause: This charity social platform connects donors with beneficiaries

If you’ve resolved to give back to society/spread the love/be a better person in 2017, this charity social platform can help you do just that. A free-to-download mobile app just recently launched in Singapore, Givo actually connects donors and beneficiaries directly in real-time. You can learn more about the various charity organisations around the world, stay updated on their progress, as well as contribute and track your donations. 

In this community, you’ll be connected with charities and non-profit organisations that have listed their causes and fundraising campaigns on the app, and you can also get updates from friends who have made contributions. Start by checking out charities based in Singapore, such as Mercy Relief, Singapore Red Cross and the Samaritans of Singapore. More than 100 organisations are still in talks with the Givo team to have their names listed on the app.

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