We tried out this ergonomic standing desk that’s shot to the top of our holiday wishlists

Photo: Coconuts
Photo: Coconuts

Obviously this year isn’t over yet, but one of our collective New Year’s resolutions has been to improve our posture (as an office that works on laptops approximately 95 percent of the time, we really need to work on this). So when we got the chance to try out the standing EverDesk, we couldn’t say no.

The EverDesk comes in two versions: the EverDesk Max (the one we tried), and the EverDesk Lite. In terms of aesthetic customization, both models offer the same options, but note a couple of key differences. The Max’s dual motors hold more weight, and it adjusts more quickly and quietly. The Max also has a greater adjustable height range of 60cm to 124cm (EverDesk recommends getting the Max if you’re shorter than 160cm). And while both have controllers to move the desk up and down, the Max has a “Health Coach” feature built into the knob, which you can program with sit-stand timers to remind yourself to change positions throughout the day; in comparison, the Lite uses a simple up and down controller.

Now, to get into our office’s hands-on impressions: firstly, everyone who saw the desk oooh’ed and ahh’ed over how sleek and premium it looked (it’s easily the nicest-looking desk in our office). We could all agree that the material feels premium-grade, like the desk equivalent of a designer leather handbag. We got the tabletop in Raw Ashen Oak in the size 140x60cm, and found our sizing was just right. On a technical level, its solid construction also meant that it didn’t shake while we were typing, even during intense writing sessions when our writing team was smashing away on their keyboards.

While most standing desks simply allow for the desk to be moved up and down, with the EverDesk, you can actually pre-set up to three height adjustments so that it’s not a pain to readjust if your colleague or partner tries to sneak in some desk time. In fact, we were shook by how useful the incremental adjustments were. Turns out, a few centimeters really do matter, as we discovered after playing around a bit, only to realize some of us actually have our current desk heights (the standard for most desks is 73cm) lower/higher than what they should ideally be (have we mentioned that our postures are collectively terrible?). The large height range also allowed for us to easily switch between sitting and standing; if this desk is only for yourself, we’d recommend you pre-set your standing and sitting height.

Photo: Coconuts

The other main feature that caught our attention when we were placing our order was the number of optional custom add-ons within the anti-clutter system that’s based around UniGroove, a drain-like desk grommet that sits near the back of the desk for clutter-free cable management. Currently, every desk purchase comes with an additional four years’ warranty (on top of their included 10 years’ warranty), a UniGroove cable stopper (super useful to keep your cables detangled), and a leather mouse pad. 

Among our favorites of the many accessories we got to try were two space-saving storage solutions. The first, two small shelves that kept the desk space clear and tidy and actually allowed us to put down our coffee mugs on the actual table, instead of atop a pile of precariously balanced folders. Our other favorite was this felt-lined under-desk storage cubby that’s small and minimalistic, but really helped keep things clutter-free. While some might want a bit more organization (it comes with two movable shelves), for us, it was perfectly-sized to store papers, stationery, and other knicknacks we don’t need immediate access to, and leave plenty of space under the desk that could, say, comfortably sleep an office dog to nap by your feet.

Both the EverDesk Max and EverDesk Lite come in a slew of colors, tabletop sizes, and finishes, so you can choose what works best for your room’s specific dimensions and vibes. And with their current Last Min X’mas Shopping Sale, all desks are SGD110 off (with an additional SGD40 discount if you purchase through Grab) and there’s an 11% discount on all accessories.

Alternatively, If you’d like to purchase it for a loved one but are wondering how you can sneak-surprise a whopping 140×60 standing desk, fret not! The peeps at EverDesk have got you covered with this simple gift card option. How it works is that you can e-gift the card (or print it out), and the recipient will select their preferred size and color, and can input their delivery details at their convenience.

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