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Photo: The Projector
Photo: The Projector

Not sure anybody had “global pandemic” on their 2020 bingo scorecards but here we are. Something as simple as going to the cinema became illegal once COVID-19 hit our shores, a situation film buffs might liken to the slow descent into madness in Ari Aster’s Midsommar. For independent businesses like Singapore’s iconic independent cinema The Projector, this meant having to adapt — and fast. 

Everything’s gone online, from restaurants turning to takeaway and delivery options to getai performances for this year’s Hungry Ghost Festival (do spirits have internet access?). While the good folks behind the Projector had long toyed around with the idea of offering films online, these plans had to be fast-tracked in the wake of the ‘rona, and now, every craft-beer-loving-cinephile may rejoice, for The Projector Plus, or P+ has finally arrived. It’s their new streaming service that allows you to watch movies on demand — any time, anywhere, right from their existing website. All films are currently going at a promotional price of SG$10 per stream, and are available only to Singapore-based viewers. 

For the uninitiated, The Projector is known for their discerning selection of indie and offbeat films, which they’ll continue to bring to viewers with P+. They’ve screened everything from local documentaries like I Dream of Singapore to foreign hits like Lebanese drama Capernaum and Palme d’Or-winning Shoplifters from Japan. They also secured major bragging rights for screening Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite pre-Oscars hype and are currently the only local cinema with an online platform showing R21 content. Don’t forget to create a free Projector Plus account to rent movies — it’s a different account from your Projector Cinema Membership account. 

Movie night in with friends definitely just got more interesting. If you’re flying solo for the night, they’ve got online film festivals and watch parties so there’s never a dull moment. They’re also launching with a slate of new releases and director’s retrospectives, with the virtual Italian Film Festival and Pink Screen — their annual LGBTQ film festival. If you’re looking to host a virtual corporate event, you can partner with The Projector Room Service as part of P+.

Lifting yourself from the couch to make yourself a snack is overrated, so you might as well get some grilled cheese sandwiches and adorably-named Projector craft brews (Grand Brewdapest anyone?) from Intermission Bar delivered right to your doorstep. It’s everything you’ve missed from the Projector movie-going experience, sans awkward accidental elbow touches. Don’t miss out!

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