Treating yourself this holiday season? This colorful ergonomic chair is a solid investment for the whole family

Photo: Coconuts
Photo: Coconuts

Like many offices, the Coconuts office is filled with an assortment of standard office furniture. But when we were offered the chance to test out the ErgoTune chair, an ergonomic chair that’s supposed to help you with things like back pain and overall posture, we were initially skeptical as to just how ergonomically friendly a single chair could be. Turns out, the answer is a lot.

The ErgoTune chair comes in a “classic” or “supreme” option, but frankly speaking, if you’re really taking your general posture and ergonomic health seriously, the ErgoTune Supreme is worth the small splurge (and call us vain, but we also like that it comes in a pretty coral red and aqua blue) — so this article will be about the ErgoTune Supreme.

ErgoTune has done away with the standard one-size-fits-all mentality and really tailors the chair shape to a particular range of body type and size: it even comes in three sizes. We picked the S (pictured above), which was great for most of our office staff, but it was small for some larger people. This isn’t a problem if you’re the only one using your chair or if everyone who’s using it has similar body sizes, but if this is going to be shared by the whole family and there’s a big discrepancy between the largest and smallest members, you might want to err on the side of caution and go for a larger size like the M.

Now, we’ll admit that when we saw online that the chair was made out of “DuraWeave Hybrid Mesh,” we didn’t think much of it — until it arrived, and then we couldn’t stop touching it. We could spend this whole article gushing about it, but apparently we have to write about the chair’s other features too, so we’ll wrap it up by saying that it’s this woven netted mix of fabric and mesh that is super comfortable (no back sweat, even on humid days!).

The chair is tailored for “natural pain relief,” which results in a somewhat funky shape. As an upfront FYI, if you’re used to slouching in a regular chair, or even if you have an office chair but not one as tailored as this, the shape will take a while to get used to, but think of it more like breaking into a good pair of shoes — you know it’ll be worth it in the end. There are also a lot of pedals and buttons, and it took some time to figure out which moved what. We recommend taking some time and playing around with the 11 adjustment points until the whole thing is fine-tuned to how you specifically like it (conveniently, there’s a handy adjustment guide in the box as well as on YouTube that can help you out).

Photo: Coconuts

We won’t go into detail about all 11 points, but the auto-adjusting lumbar support is definitely worth noting — while this was one of those features that took us a while to get used to (as you can see in the photos, it protrudes a bit), once we did, the difference in our lower back posture was undeniable and made us wonder how we foolishly accepted chairs that didn’t have that kind of support. There’s a knob for you to adjust the support bar’s height and tension according to the natural curve of your spine, which isn’t something you see in most chairs and makes a big difference in molding the chair’s back to your back.

Ultimately, it’s the chair’s ability to really shape and alter it to an individual body that makes this a great investment. We imagine teenagers who game all evening long will get a lot of use out of it, as will professionals who spend long hours in front of a computer, and even elderly family members who want to sit for long periods of time without the accompanying back pain.

And with ErgoTune’s Christmas sale in full swing, the ErgoTune Supreme, which comes with a 12-year warranty, can currently be purchased for SGD479 (the usual price is SGD850). Sure, it’s on the pricier end when it comes to a chair, but when you consider the long-term physical health benefits, it’s worth every dollar.

Looking to gift an ErgoTune to someone else? Check out this super simple gift card option — all you have to do is pay for the chair (yes, the Christmas sale price also applies here!) and either e-gift or print out the card, and then all the lucky recipient has to do is select their size and color, then input their delivery details.

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