This tech subscription rental company is making life easier (and more affordable) for small business owners

Photo: ITEZ
Photo: ITEZ

Earlier this year, we told you about ITEZ.SG, a Singaporean start-up brand that’s like a gaming or streaming subscription service, but for tech devices. When they first launched, ITEZ.SG only offered individual customer subscription options — until now. Recently, they’ve also branched out into subscription services for businesses, and especially if you’re an entrepreneur who is about to launch (or has just launched) your small business, this will make your operations significantly less stressful.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first go over the basics. If you’re not familiar with ITEZ.SG’s model, like we said, it’s a one-stop tech gadget subscription service. Customers can sign up for affordable and interest-free subscription plans that allow you to “rent” all sorts of devices, including laptops, phones, and tablets. They don’t require any deposits or upfront fees (or have pesky hidden fees), and you can even pay for add-ons like software or small hardware (e.g. keyboards, mice).

Now, why would this be a good investment for a small business? Well, first, there’s the obvious: it’s much more affordable than sinking a ton of money into buying an entirely new slew of tech devices for your business. Even the smallest and newest of businesses will require at least a mobile device and a laptop, but chances are you’re going to need much more than just those two devices, especially if you have multiple employees. Computers or laptops (or both!), plus software, plus external accessories, plus possible tablets, and so on, well, those costs can quickly rack up. With ITEZ.SG’s plans, you’re choosing from a wide range of the latest gadgets for a fraction of the cost were you to buy them upfront. And ITEZ.SG’s corporate plans specifically offer bulk discounts, meaning even more savings in the long run. Because this model allows you to spend less on CapEx upfront, you’ll also have more free cash flow for the rest of the business.

Speaking of the pros of renting over buying, you don’t have to worry about the five shiny new laptops you just bought becoming out-of-date mere months later when Big Tech Brand announces their latest product line. Whether you’re an Apple or PC fan, ITEZ.SG is always keeping their inventory updated with the newest launches from all the big brands. Their corporate plans range from one to three years, and once your subscription is over, feel free to upgrade any or all of your devices!

And in addition to taking the strain off of your wallet, ITEZ.SG’s incredible servicing and warranty* plans will also relieve any device-related housekeeping stress. If there’s ever a problem with one of your devices, you’ll have access to both email and live chat support. If the problem is more complicated than a DIY fix, just bring it over to one of their six service centers, and ITEZ.SG will take care of it, completely free of charge (excluding accidental damage). And while your device is getting fixed, you can even request a temporary replacement device** so that you don’t have to worry about your employees fighting over the one working tablet.

More information about ITEZ.SG’s corporate plans can be found on their website, including an enquiry form where you can ask about potentially getting devices that aren’t currently listed online.

*Warranty covers servicing needed for manufacturing defects and does not cover damage due to accidental factors or mishandling.

**Subject to stock availability.

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