These 3 interactive installations will inspire you to make a difference

Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media

We’re approaching the season of giving – work is giving us holidays, Christmas gift shopping is giving us a headache, and we’re giving you three reasons to head down to Jurong Point on Nov 20-24. That’s because Spark The Next: Youth Hangout is taking over with three interactive installations that embody values that are most important to youths in Singapore – sustainability, fairness, inclusiveness, progress and care.

Throughout 2019, there have been numerous dialogues with Singapore’s youths to understand what drives them, besides going viral on TikTok (we jest!). As part of the SG Youth Action Plan, youths now have a platform to lend their voices to issues that matter, and shape the Singapore they want to see. Experience these three installations in person and contribute to your vision of Singapore in 2025 on 

Photo: Coconuts Media

Room For Change

Singapore looks clean and lush with greenery, but there are sustainability issues silently eating away at the health of our environment. Electronic, plastic and fashion waste are some of the environmental burdens that are oftentimes out of sight and out of mind, but youths are not about to let that happen. 

Young people in Singapore want to protect the environment for future generations and they understand that it’s about changing lifestyles, not just recycling bottles (but do that too, please!). Room For Change brings this to life with an interactive living space that shows how sustainability starts from simple, everyday actions. You’ll walk away from Room For Change inspired to make sustainability an even bigger part of your daily life, because it’s a lot simpler than you think.

Photo: Coconuts Media

The Invisible Gallery

The second installation addresses the values of care and inclusiveness. The Invisible Gallery encourages us to break free from social stigmas, and build a strong community spirit where people look out for one another, even in this fast-paced digital era. 

Singapore is known as modern, harmonious, safe — pretty much one of the best places to grow up in. But beneath the surface, there are struggles that go unseen. You might be surprised to know that many young people in Singapore face immense stress due to family finances, domestic violence, addiction and other challenges. The Invisible Gallery aims to shed light on these stories and foster a more inclusive, supportive community, starting with our youths.

The seemingly blank art gallery aims to (literally) shed light on the stories of five young individuals facing challenges such as living with mental health conditions and addiction. Each has their own set of struggles, which at first glance are invisible to the naked eye but *hint hint* try using your phone’s flashlight on the displays and see what you can find. We guarantee you’ll feel even more excited to embrace diversity after a walk through this unique art gallery. 

But before your tears short circuit your phone, please don’t forget to see the last installation!

Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media


Even the most successful people were once youths like us, filled with anxiety about uncertain futures. Now, their stories inspire future generations. Youths-Like-Us demonstrates that everyone can pursue their own dreams and potential, and that there are many different pathways to success.

The life-sized statues of four notable Singaporeans, Eswari Gunasagar, Fandi Ahmad, Lennard Yeong and Michelle Chong offer a closer look into their struggles and successes, and look pretty damn good on the ‘gram too.

Photo: Coconuts Media

By coming down and participating in the contest, you’ll also stand a chance to win exclusive workshops with the personalities, and learn a thing or two about the meaning of personal progress and having the confidence to pursue your own passions.

Do you feel inspired to change the world around you for the better, from here on? If you’re up for an even bigger dose of inspiration, head down and experience the first Spark the Next: Youth Hangout at Jurong Point on Nov. 20-24.

The three roving roadshows will be held at three different venues over the next few weeks – Jurong Point (Nov. 20-24), Plaza Singapura (Nov. 27-Dec. 1), and Our Tampines Hub (Dec. 4-8). Visit to find out more. 

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