Thai crypto group WWIN Group are helping to modernize the sacred amulet market

Photo: WWIN Group
Photo: WWIN Group

Crypto, this. Blockchain, that. The exciting world of cryptocurrency is all anyone’s talking about these days, and it seems that everyone is dabbling in Bitcoin. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) also use similar blockchain technology. They’re unique, and can be anything digital, such as music or drawings. Artists across the world have found a new way of making money from their art through selling original NFTs of their work, and now sacred amulets have joined the world of NFTs.

Seventy percent of Thai people wear amulets that promise better health, financial abundance and better relationships, and now there’s a whole new way to ‘wear’ these amulets. Besides the launch of their sacred NFTs (SNFTs) to the market, WWIN Group will also launch the world’s first SNFT marketplace and their own cryptocurrency called WWIN. It’s a bid to modernize the Thai sacred amulet market worth US$1.25 billion annually, which has tens of thousands of sellers and millions of buyers across Asia. 

WWIN Group’s own local and international cryptocurrency experts and marketers, local sacred amulet insiders, and Thai celebrities will have a hand in the project. The team has more than 200 successful cryptocurrency projects between them, and this one will involve some top experts, such as key consultant Edward Deleon Hickman, who has been an advisor or first stage investor in 18 of the top 20 cryptocurrency launches of all time. The project also includes Dr. Katha Chinabunchorn, a multi-award winning member of the Thai spiritual community who will oversee interactions with the Thai religious community.

This project also aims to solve a number of issues with the existing sacred amulet marketplace. For a market traditionally dependent on face-to-face transactions, SNFTs will make the process of buying and selling of amulets easier and safer amidst the ongoing pandemic. 

Major problems like the pervasiveness of fake amulets in the marketplace will be a thing of the past, as SNFTs will finally have a history of ownership and confirmation of an amulet’s authenticity, making it easier for even the most inexperienced buyers to enter the market. WWIN will release high quality, limited edition SNFT’s that are created by the top 2D and 3D designers in Asia, and are blessed on video by high-profile Buddhist monks, and sold exclusively on the WWIN marketplace.

This comes at a time where the NFT industry has become perhaps the hottest in the crypto space, with sales of NFTs topping US$1 billion in August this year. The most exciting NFT projects are based on existing collectible marketplaces. Sports and game trading cards are in high demand, and companies like Disney are looking at NFTs to reintroduce some of their classic characters. 

If you’d like to invest in the WWIN project, and have the chance to get your hands on an SNFT, the project launches on Sept. 6. There will be a public presale on their website at 2PM UTC for two hours, after which the token will be listed on the same day. WWIN Group recently conducted two previous sales — a private and IMO sale — which sold out quickly, so don’t forget to set a reminder! 

Disclaimer: Coconuts Media is not a financial services company and does not provide financial advice. This article is part of a paid partnership with WWIN Group and is for educational purposes only.

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