This Singaporean company’s DIY nail lacquer kit allows you to blend your own polish colors at home

Photo: Nail Deck
Photo: Nail Deck

You’ve heard about Nail Deck, the Singaporean start-up that helps you find the exact shade of nail polish you’re looking for. Last year, the company took things one step further by launching a pop-up store that concocted specific hues of polish for customers on the spot in less than 10 minutes. Now, it’s letting you take over the reins, with a new DIY lacquer kit that lets you get all science-y and experiment at home.

Each kit comes with 10 syringes, eight empty glass bottles (for you to store your nail polish), four plastic mixing cups, four plastic stirrers, four plastic mini funnels, two color formula sheets, and two color record sheets. If you’re worried about the quality of the polish itself, rest assured that it’s 5-free (devoid of the major toxins commonly found in other nail polishes), cruelty-free, made with US-FDA approved cosmetic pigments, and Singapore HSA-registered.

As for the process, it’s pretty easy. Just mix and match the polishes to get the shade you’ve always dreamed of (but could never find). Each kit allows you to blend up to eight bottles of nail lacquers, which works out to less than $8 each if you’re counting.

Anyway, for those impartial to blogger Xiaxue, watch her how-to vid with Nail Deck co-founder Daryl Chew below (but don’t expect to be given the exact same tools).

The Nail Deck Lacquer Kit is available on Naiise and Megafash. $62.10.

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