Sexploitation, shady dealings among serious new allegations against Night Owl Cinematics’ Sylvia Chan

Night Owl Cinematics cofounders Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan at a newly renovated shophouse. Photo: Night Owl Cinematics/YouTube
Night Owl Cinematics cofounders Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan at a newly renovated shophouse. Photo: Night Owl Cinematics/YouTube

Just when it seemed the curtain had fallen on the saga involving YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics and its cofounder, a trove of new accusations have been leveled against her, including that she offered sex with a vulnerable woman for personal gain. 

Sylvia Chan, 33, is now accused of misusing company funds and manipulating a subordinate into a sexual encounter to seal a business deal. While the first allegations came via Instagram, the new charges were detailed overnight on a blog set up by people claiming to be current and former employees. It published more of what were said to be Chan’s text messages and clips from internal Zoom calls, including one in which cofounder and ex-husband Ryan Tan confronted her about her unprofessional behavior. 

“We would like to put out a disclaimer that we have exhausted all means of trying to get our voices heard in NOC by talking to key members of the management team as appointed by Sylvia – such as Sylvia herself, the accountant, her lawyers (neither do we understand why are they involving themselves with us directly but we tried too), and more but to no avail,” the “#EndTheSilence” blog page said. 

Coconuts could not independently verify all of the latest accusations mentioned by the blog, and neither Chan nor Tan immediately responded to requests for comment.

Chan last week owned up to allegations of abusive behavior in the workplace, such as her indiscriminate use of expletives and habit of trash-talking talents, and said she regretted not creating a feedback channel. Chan, who did not comment on suggestions she had cheated on Tan when they were in a high-profile marriage, announced she would no longer appear in NOC videos but retain her title.

“Although Sylvia has issued an apology statement on her Instagram page, the only consequence that she meted out was for herself to be removed from the talent roster. However, Sylvia is still the CEO of NOC and the incidents mentioned above are only from the people who have spoken up, with many more untold stories behind the scenes,” the page said, calling Chan “no longer morally competent.”

It went live hours after an article on Must Share News revealed how employees were warned in writing by Chan not to disclose company matters on Oct. 11, days after the anonymous Instagram allegations first surfaced. It also reported that 54 staff members quit during the past year. 

One of the most chilling accusations comes amid accusations that Chan used NOC resources to pursue other business ventures, such as a brand of chili sauce and masks.

It alleges that she made a shady deal with the founder of an unnamed local courier service for her chilli sauce product by offering him sex with a NOC YouTube host identified only as “Talent A.”

“It was purportedly planned during a period of time where Talent A was at a vulnerable point in her life and mentioned that Sylvia was continually convincing them to go out and have a night of ‘fun.’  During the night, Talent A had no idea that there was an underlying agenda to the meeting,” it said. “Eventually after a few drinks, Talent A was intoxicated and performed sexual intercourse with the founder of the courier company.” 

The blog also said she had spent nearly S$80,000 of company money on personal expenses, including her own rent, from March to June alone.

A copy of a leaked tenancy agreement named Night Owl Cinematics Pte Ltd as the tenant for a space that she lived in prior to moving into a shophouse-office with her brother Sikeen Chan, who is accused of taking a company salary without doing any work. A copy of a payslip showed that he earned S$3,000 to S$4,500 a month. 

“From Sikeen’s payslips shown above, his monthly salary of $4,500 is still ongoing till today,” the blog said.

The blog included more evidence of Chan’s offensive behavior.

Among a number of undated clips is one of Chan looking disinterested when confronted by employees over long hours working till dawn to produce at least 10 videos a day, and confessing to calling her ex-husband “incompetent.”

Tan was portrayed by the blog as the mediator between disgruntled employees and Chan. An internal survey purportedly led by an employee named Xiao Wen showed mostly criticism for Chan while the few comments for Tan praised him. 

Tan has also not replied to multiple requests for comment since the story first appeared. He has not said publicly whether he was involved in the campaign against Chan, and wrote a cryptic message last week on social media:

“Putting my last faith in humanity to do the right thing. To let the truth be set free.”

More accusations

The blog also doubled down on cheating rumors about Chan, sharing what were presented as text messages in which she admitted to oral sex while she was still married. It also published a video of what appeared to be her taking employees through a sexual harassment survey in light of accusations against influencer Dee Kosh, laughing through questions like whether they experienced “unwanted touching” in the workplace. 

Though she was not named directly, influencer Preeti Nair, aka PreetiPls, was apparently fat-shamed and called a “rhinoceros” by Chan in private text messages, to which the former responded via Instagram today with a rhino emoji and the words: “Sylvia can go eat shit.” 

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