No pain, yes gain: This treatment uses gold microneedles to give you better skin

Photo: SW1 Clinic
Photo: SW1 Clinic

Let’s face the facts, it’s time to pamper that skin. On top of the usual advice, like using sunblock daily (please tell us you are already doing this), there’s more we can do to ensure our body’s largest organ is well taken care of, especially for us living in Singapore’s eternal sauna-like conditions. Enter SW1 Clinic, whose treatments are a favorite of many Korean celebrities, and you’ll see why. Their innovative treatments address a wide range of skin concerns, and are honestly pretty relaxing.

Even if they involve needles. Microneedles to be exact, are used in their brand new SylfirmX treatment, which doesn’t hurt as much as you might think. It’s an extremely precise treatment thanks to the latest in microneedling technology, and the result is an improved overall look and tone of your skin. Numbing cream is applied before the treatment, and all you’ll feel are tiny prickling sensations which are generally tolerable. Gold microneedles reach up to 4mm deep into the skin without causing damage to skin tissue, and it’s a fully customizable treatment depending on your skin’s needs.

But who is the treatment for? Anyone with skin really, as SylfirmX addresses a myriad of concerns including acne scars, redness like rosacea and hyperpigmentation. At the deepest layer, this painless procedure can treat deep acne scars — great for those of us who have scars left over from severe acne in our younger years. In the middle layers of the skin, it can treat melasma and hyperpigmentation — a constant bane since we live in the tropics, and for those dealing with the effects of postpartum recovery too. In the superficial layers, the treatment regenerates and resurfaces skin.

Look forward to baby-smooth skin and a dewy appearance, all for just 60 minutes of your time. The best part? There’s no downtime — feel free to put on some makeup right after the procedure and strut out of the clinic with your face feelin’ fresh.

The SylfirmX treatment works on the body just as well as the face, and is exclusive to only two clinics in Singapore. Head over to their website for more information, or to book an appointment and let the experts at SW1 Clinic help you get your game face on.

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