It’s the invasion of mythical creatures (and Ice Dragon Viserion from ‘Game of Thrones’) at the Singapore Zoo

Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Sure, the Singapore Zoo has dragons — komodo dragons, but still. But ones that can breathe fire and soar into the sky? Not so much.

With the introduction of the zoo’s new Valley of Myths, you can walk through a path laden with fantastical creatures like unicorns, griffins, and dragons from now till the end of 2018. They’re all animatronic figures, of course, but that doesn’t make ’em any less striking. Among the collection of beasts, you’ll find the Ninki Nanka from West African folklore, and the Japanese supernatural being that is the Baku.

Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

To see the real life animals that inspired the fabled creatures, follow the Creature Researcher Trail to find out about how lizards, rhinos, and tapirs played a part in the creation of these legends. Or meet an actual dragon when the wildlife park’s bearded dragons come out to play at interactive sessions.

There’s also the 3D replica of Viserion, the Night King’s Ice Dragon from Game of Thrones, displayed in the zoo for the first time. Fans of the TV series can also pop by on Nov 24 or 25 to catch the Night King and his White Walkers in the flesh.

River Lockdown. Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore
River Lockdown. Photo: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

If you’re more of a puzzle person, head next door to the River Safari for an escape room challenge. Done up in collaboration with Lockdown Singapore, the park turns into a huge board game for visitors to complete the quest of solving puzzles and “escaping” from “fearsome river creatures” like the Green Anaconda, Electric Eel, and Tiger Fish.

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