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Photo: Pexels / Huseyn Kamaladdin
Photo: Pexels / Huseyn Kamaladdin

If there’s anything that we learned from spending the last couple of years cooped up at home, it’s that it’s easy to let things kind of just deteriorate without even realizing it. Your home should be your sanctuary, so why spend every single day staring at a banged-up coffee table that you got at a bargain deal ten years ago that you now actually kinda hate? Or instead of an old rusty deadbolt, why not (finally) get around to upgrading your home security system so that you can sleep more soundly at night? We scoured high and low for the best home improvement brands and gadgets that will make your space feel more like a cleaner, safer, better version of home, but without making you go completely broke. Here are our top home improvement recs:

Sterra Moon Air Purifier

Photo: Sterra


If there’s anything the last few years have taught us, it’s that there are a lot of germs everywhere, all the time. Which is why when we started putting together this list, we knew an air purifier that is easy to use would be at the top. The Sterra Moon Air Purifier ticks all of our boxes: its medical-grade technology eliminates 99.97% of airborne particles, it’s quiet (on its lowest setting, you’ll most likely forget it’s even running in the background), it consumes up to 47 percent less electricity than most of its competitors, its True HEPA-13 filter efficiently cleans your air (including when it comes to less-than-appealing smells like your beloved cat’s litter), and its minimalistic and sleek aesthetic looks good and takes up much less space than most other purifiers, making it perfect for even the smallest apartments. If you want to really invest in a top-of-the line purifier, we’d recommend upgrading to the UV tech option, which uses UV-C light to capture and destroy airborne bacteria and viruses.

Woosa Sleep

Photo: Woosa Sleep


Scientists estimate that the average person spends approximately a third of their life in bed, which is why we’re picky when it comes to mattresses, but are also realistic about not being able to fork out several thousand dollars at once. Woosa Sleep’s mattresses provide the same quality as the highest-end brands, but at a fraction of the cost. There’s the starter Woosa Mattress, which combines elements of both latex and memory foam mattresses, or the more premium Mysa Mattress, whose six calibrated layers you can relax into every night. Both mattresses are expertly crafted out of the best materials, and there are no showy (but ultimately useless) add-ons: simply put, this is a solid mattress that’ll last you a long time. If you want to go the extra mile, Woosa also sells an adjustable bed base (with built-in USB ports to power your devices), and accessories like pillows and duvets.

And we’ve got an exclusive bargain for Coconauts that’s valid until the end of December 2022: use the code “COCO150” at checkout for SGD150 off any mattress on their website.

Luxus Digital

Photo: Luxus Digital


It’s increasingly becoming the age of digital locks (goodbye, spare keys hidden underneath fake plant pots!), and although the market is saturated with options, we were immediately drawn to Luxus Digital’s collection. Not to sound too superficial, but let’s be honest: the first thing that made Luxus stand out was looks. Their locks tread that fine line between being sophisticated and looking like a strange gizmo that’s part of a tech bro’s bachelor pad. It unlocks with the press of a fingerprint, and is paired with an app through which you can monitor who’s coming and going. A friend needs to pick up something while you’re out of town? Grant them one-time access through the app. The locks have a built-in doorbell, a backup card and key, and can be paired with Alexa or Google Home for a truly hands-free experience. Put the Luxus Atlas digital door lock and DG4 gate lock on your front door and gate and voilà — simultaneously unlock both without even leaving your car.


Photo: Futurahaus


A DIY smart home project is always fun, but when it comes to the Serious Stuff (*we’re going with caps here for emphasis*), it’s best to leave it to the pros. Futurahaus specializes in a range of smart home upgrades, from setting up multi-room audio systems, Home Theatre system to installing a fully smart security system, or temperature and smart lighting controls for your whole house. What we particularly like about Futurahaus is that they offer customer service from the very first steps of project planning to post-installation, so even if you run into a problem with your new smart home years after the project has finished, you can rest assured that you’ll still receive the right assistance.


Photo: Maxihome


There are two main things that we love about shopping at Maxihome: they have everything you could want furniture-wise, from feature walls to sofas to dining tables to bedroom set-up. Moreover they have three outlets around the island where you can check out the furniture in person under a single roof instead of squinting at a photo in a poorly-printed catalog. On top of that you’re actually paying affordable prices for high-quality furniture. All their furniture comes with warranties and post-sales service for your peace of mind. They deliver straight to your home with a friendly delivery team. Maxihome also provides customization options so that your wardrobe, sofa and dining table looks exactly how you envisioned it. Maxihome, a place for those who want every piece of furniture to fit perfectly in their dream home.

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