The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson is in town; expresses confusion over a preening lady at Marina Bay Sands

Photos: jeremyclarkson1 / Instagram
Photos: jeremyclarkson1 / Instagram

For those with no interest at all in motoring, British personality Jeremy Clarkson is considered an icon among car nuts. The 58-year-old broadcaster, journalist and writer made his name in the ‘90s by co-hosting the phenomenally popular motoring TV series Top Gear on the BBC before falling out with a producer and moving to Amazon Prime Video with a similar show called The Grand Tour.

For reasons unknown, Clarkson dropped by Singapore recently. And for all his trademark wit and British stoicism, the man could not help but express bewilderment at a typical Singaporean moment — a wannabe social media celebrity preening herself for a perfect selfie.

On Saturday evening, the man caught a woman in the midst of posing for the camera at the Marina Bay Sands’ infinity pool. “What on earth is she doing?” Clarkson queried about the lady trying her very best to fight against the wind as her hair refused to settle into place for a shot on her phone, which was set on a tripod. The poor girl gave up in the end, but it must have gone on for quite some time for him to notice from afar.


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What on earth is she doing?

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A day later, Clarkson put up a picture of himself trying to hail a cab along New Bridge Road in Chinatown, with some Chinese New Year decor in the background. Of course, he’d have an easier time getting around on public transport on a weekend, but this is Clarkson we’re talking about — cars are his thing.


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Yup. Hitching. Singapore

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It’s unclear why he’s in town at the moment, but it could or could not be related to his latest project: The Grand Tour video game. Last we heard about Clarkson’s connection to Singapore was a rumored deal he supposedly signed with Mediacorp for a motoring show here.

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