Don Don Donki’s new outlet at 100AM adds on a grab-and-go section of Japanese food for the CBD crowd

Photo: Don Don Donki

Making good on its promise to launch a second outlet in Tanjong Pagar this June, Don Don Donki — the “Japan Discount King” — opened its 100AM branch today, a couple months after its debut in Singapore at Orchard Central last year.

If you haven’t heard, the popular discount chain is known for its made-in-Japan products, and apparently the crowds are already flocking to this new spot.

Photo: Don Don Donki

Similar to (just smaller than) the flagship space in town, this one carries an extensive range of snacks, beauty and personal care products, fitness gear, groceries, stationery, electronics, and household stuff. But like everything else in the CBD, it’s a ghost town come midnight — so don’t expect it to stay open 24/7 like the one in Orchard.

Rainbow cotton candy at the Japan Mobile Foods section. Photo: Don Don Donki

There’s also something new at this two-story store: The “Japan Mobile Foods” section, which targets the office lunch crowd with convenient grab-and-go munchies, including items such as yakiimo (baked Japanese sweet potato), takosen (octopus takoyaki sandwiched between Japanese crackers), watagashi (Japanese cotton candy), yakitomorokoshi (Japanese-style grilled corn), gelato made with Hokkaido milk, coffee, and fresh fruit juice.

They’re quite affordable too (compared to everything else in the CBD, at least) — with prices ranging from $1 to $5.90.

Photo: Don Don Donki

Other goodies spotted here include transparent milk teas, unique cosmetics, and even a bunch of sex toys — although who knows how long it’ll take for someone to complain and rally for the store to remove that last one from its display shelves. The same thing already happened last year.

Photo: Don Don Donki

Oh, and in case you can’t get enough of discount Japanese products, keep an eye out for the brand’s expansion: It’s got plans in the pipeline to set up 10 stores in Singapore by 2020, as well as one in Bangkok by the end of the year.


Don Don Donki, #02-01 to 05 & 22 to 26, #03-01 to 05 & 19 to 23, 100AM Mall, 100 Tras St.

Daily 8am-midnight.

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