David Beckham just got cooler eating Mee Goreng at Little India’s Tekka Market

David Beckham eats at Tekka Market. Images: Singapore Ink/Facebook
David Beckham eats at Tekka Market. Images: Singapore Ink/Facebook

Singapore’s favorite Englishman was in town over the weekend, and in addition to attending events at the Marina Bay Sands as he usually does, David Beckham was also seen casually dining at the Little India Tekka Market.

A video of the former Red Devils’ star showed the 44-year-old at the hawker center chomping on Indian fried noodles among other things seen on his table was posted online Saturday. Also seen was a plate of thosai, an Indian dish similar to a crepe but made with rice batter. 

Beckham appeared to be on a shoot at the time and was chatting with what looked like the host of the show, according to the 20-second clip posted to Facebook’s Singapore Ink page. A likely member of the camera crew, wearing earphones, can be seen at the end of the short clip. Beckham himself looks relaxed and smiling as many in the crowd around him look on awestruck.

Beckham earned praise from Singaporeans for his chopstick skills. Others wished he had tried other local dishes, like the popular coconut rice Nasi Lemak

He knows how to use chopsticks,” a seemingly impressed Wen Xuan wrote in the comments. 

“Next time come [and] try nasi lemak with your lovely family,” a Carol Yoi said, clearly a fan of Beckham and his whole family — including his fashion designer slash former Spice Girls wife Victoria. 

Other than hitting local eateries, Beckham, who we all know is the brand ambassador for Marina Bay Sands, also checked its new nightlife spots Avenue Lounge and Marquee.

He also spent an afternoon spray-painting with local graffiti artist Ceno2 at Somerset. 

David Beckham in Singapore

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