Best places to break up in Singapore

A couple in despair. Artwork by Midjourney
A couple in despair. Artwork by Midjourney

There’s never a good time to break up with someone but there are better ways of doing it at the right places.

This Valentine’s Day, we take a moment to dedicate the lovey-dovey occasion to those who might not be feeling the loveliest with their significant other. Looking for a time to break up? Valentine’s Day is the best time to. 

Here are some places where you can rip the bandaid and end things with your beau:

  1. VivoCity’s library@harbourfront 
Photo: National Library Board

Look, what better place to break the news than one that has a calming view and a public area that prohibits noise in case things get ugly?

At one of the nicest libraries in Singapore, you can talk it out (softly) without talking over each other in front of the serene view overlooking Sentosa. Then, you and your ex can maybe head into Sentosa (separately) and hit some rollercoasters, get high on sugar at the candy stores or seek solace in the cable cars. 

  1. Gelam Gallery
Photo: Gelam Gallery/Facebook

Art speaks louder than words, so why not lay your hurtful words with a side of art?

Pick any of Kampong Gelam’s painted alleyways with vibrant artwork and use it as a distraction while making your peace. Choose the late evening or the night if you’re looking to make the break – the lighting is so much nicer. But note that you’re doing it under the watchful eye of god – because you’re near the mosque. But hey, the break up then counts as official, no?

  1. Projector X: Picturehouse
Photo: The Projector

Here’s another quiet place you can break up in. It’s hard to tell them to their faces so theatres make it somewhat easier when everyone’s eyes are fixated on the screen. It also gives your ex time to sit (literally) with what just happened.

Also, if you break the news before going into the theatre, why not watch a French film and have a lil’ think, like really, really think about life after?

  1. Marquee Singapore
Photo: Marquee Singapore/Facebook

Your one-stop night solution could be your next break-up spot. It’s way too noisy with the music drowning out the sound and there are so many things happening at Marquee Singapore that could make it ideal for a break up. 

Plus, fights are common in clubs and go-ers won’t think much about it. There are also bouncers to step in if things get way out of hand.

  1. Punggol Park
Photo: National Parks Board

Ok, hear us out. Parks are great open spaces for lashing out hard truths. 

The Punggol Park, in particular, is also near the coffee shop where fans of the opposition party gather. So whether you’re a supporter of them, grab a coffee and have a chat to gain new perspectives for your fresh start. 

  1. Animal shelters
Photo: Action for Singapore Dogs/Facebook

There are plenty of animal shelters in Singapore and many more animals that you can divert your love to. Put your heartbreak to good use by adopting a furry pal who could take your mind off of things for a bit.

  1. A police station 
Photo:Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre/Facebook

If you predict that things might go a bit cuckoo crazy, consider ending things near a police station. Just in case. 

If you pour your heart out into why it’s not going to work out with your loved one, it doesn’t really matter where you do it. Just don’t do it through text.

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