At the ArtScience Museum’s new exhibition on artificial intelligence, you’ll be greeted by a robot receptionist

The humanoid robot Nadine. Photo: Marina Bay Sands

The future is here — or at least at the ArtScience Museum, to be precise. Its new exhibition, HUMAN+: The Future of Our Species, delves into the futuristic world of artificial intelligence, humanoid robots and genetic modification, with a curation of works from over 40 international artists, scientists, technologists and designers.

artscience museum human
Transfigurations by Agatha Haines. Photo: Marina Bay Sands

Some of the interactive highlights include meeting the world’s first officially recognized human cyborg, Neil Harbisson, who’s famous for his skull’s antenna implant; and greeting humanoid robot receptionist Nadine, a creation from Nanyang Technological University who can recognize faces and engage in conversation.

The museum will also play host to Aussie performance artist Stelarc — known for having an unnervingly realistic ear surgically grafted to his left forearm — and his work that plays around with his body, prosthetics, robotics and virtual reality systems.

artscience museum human exhibition
Close up of The Semi-Living Worry Dolls by Tissue Culture and Art Project (Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr). Photo: Marina Bay Sands

In this display of a brave new world, the evolution of mankind spans four themed galleries, journeying from what it means to be human/superhuman, to imagining a life with robotic companions, to the changes in ourselves and our environment, to the limitations of human life.

HUMAN+: The Future of Our Species is on from May 20-Oct 15 at the ArtScience Museum. Adults $13.60-$17.

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