You’ll wanna take a whiff of LiHO TEA’s new duck shit tea drinks

Photo: LiHO TEA
Photo: LiHO TEA

You read the headline, you’re scratching your head, but you’re intrigued. Let us make the case for putting duck shit into your mouth. LiHO TEA’s first drink series of 2022 is an absolute hoot. They’re bringing duck shit tea to the masses with their new Lucky Duck Shit Tea drink series but before you get your pitchfork, the drinks in this lineup don’t actually violate any health laws. Duck shit tea is simply a variation of oolong tea, and it doesn’t taste anything like poop (not that we’ve eaten poop). It’s probably the only time we’ll recommend consuming duck shit, so read on to learn more!

What is it?

Duck shit tea has been gaining popularity in recent years, and not just because of its cheeky name. According to the experts at LiHO TEA, one reason for duck shit tea’s popularity is its ability to retain its unique aroma despite repeated rounds of brewing. It’s a lighter-tasting tea that packs a punch in the fragrance department without being too heavy on the palate. In fact, those who enjoy oolong tea will find the floral and musky notes of duck shit tea quite familiar. 

The difference between oolong tea variations depends on factors like the amount of time tea leaves have been oxidized, and how they’ve been roasted. Duck Shit Tea is lightly roasted tea, which usually results in a more fragrant tea with a milder flavor as compared to its heavily roasted counterparts like da hong pao tea and rou gui tea which are less fragrant but have a stronger flavor. 

Oolong tea is known for its multiple health benefits, and duck shit tea is no different. It’s chock full of antioxidants and may help to lower blood lipids and prevent fatigue, which makes for the perfect pick-me-up on a lazy afternoon.

Why is it called duck shit tea? 

The name duck shit tea comes from its Chinese name ya shi xiang, which literally translates to ‘duck shit fragrance’. Fans of oxymorons and aromatic teas alike will be thrilled to know that the tea is actually one of the most fragrant varieties of oolong tea. Legend has it that the farmer who discovered it gave it an unpleasant name on purpose to keep it all to himself. Good thing that didn’t work, ‘cause now anyone and their pet duck can try it at any LiHO TEA outlet across the island. 

Besides the incredible name though, drinking the tea is also said to bring good luck. You might’ve heard that getting pooped on by a bird is good luck in Chinese culture — the same idea applies here, but you won’t need as many wet wipes. What we’re trying to say is, perhaps starting off the year on a shitty note can be a good thing if it involves duck shit tea. 

Photo: LiHO TEA

Have your duck shit, and drink it too

The Lucky Duck Shit series sees the addition of three drinks to the menu at LiHO TEA — Just Duck Shit, Duck Shit Grapefruitea and Duck Shit Snow Mountain (our favorite name of the lot). LiHO TEA only uses premium tea leaves, but don’t just take our word for it. Try it for yourself!

Just Duck Shit (starts at S$2.90 for a medium) is exactly what it says on the tin, and it’s for those who want to try the tea in its purest form. It’s the only one of the three that’s served both hot and cold. See if you can pick up on the honeysuckle, jasmine and gardenia aromas. 

Fans of fruity teas might like the Duck Shit Grapefruitea (starts at S$4.10 for a medium), which sees duck shit tea paired with grapefruit which makes for a refreshing sip on a hot day. White pearls add to the fun as it adds a jelly-like component.

Those that lean towards milk teas will enjoy the Duck Shit Snow Mountain (starts at S$4.50 for a medium), where the richness of milk perfectly complements the astringent tea. The drink is topped off with whipped cream and savory soybean powder for an energy boost. 

Thirsty yet? The Lucky Duck Shit Tea series is now available at all LiHO TEA outlets, while stocks last.

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