World’s only Michelin-starred ramen joint expands to Singapore in first ever overseas venture

Ramen is a pretty simple, straightforward dish. Cook some Chinese wheat noodles, serve ’em in a meat-based broth, top the bowl off with sliced meat and vegetables, then garnish with dried seaweed and green onions. Despite our craze for ramen noodles here, in Japan the dish is considered more of casual fast food — you can literally find shops selling it around every corner.

So if one of them becomes the only ramen eatery in the world to actually have a Michelin star, you know it’s real good.

Tsuta — a tiny noodle shop that seats only nine — popped up in headlines last year for being the first ramen eatery to be ranked among the world’s top restaurants in the Michelin Guide. Though not as affordable as our very own Michelin-starred Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle, the shop in north Tokyo sells bowls of hearty goodness from $9.90 onwards. God knows how many crappy bowls of ramen are being sold here for way more.

This October, Tsuta will be making its way to our shores, allowing Singaporeans to have an authentic taste of one of Japan’s best offerings. Surprisingly, Singapore will be home to their only outlet overseas (for now) and the second outlet in the world.

Even better, the restaurant here will be twice the size of its original establishment with a grand total of 18 available seats. Tsuta founder Chef Yuki Onishi will be the ensuring that the same critically-acclaimed offerings will be available here, with soup bases including their Shoya Soba (black truffle sauce) and Shio Soba (chicken-seafood blend infused with rock salt, red wine and rosemary). All of which will be topped with thick slabs of char siew.

No compromises for Chef Onishi, who will be using the exact same high quality ingredients and soy sauce as their flagship outlet.

We can’t wait when the doors of Tsuta Singapore open sometime in October at Pacific Plaza along Scotts Road. Stay updated on the Tsuta Singapore Facebook page.



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