The world’s most expensive coffee comes to Singapore at S$85 for a cup

Photo: The Coffee Academics
Photo: The Coffee Academics

Oh boy. First, it was the world’s most expensive rice from Japan making its debut in Singapore. Now, the most expensive coffee in the world is coming to our shores — at S$85 (US$62) per cup — making us the first country in Southeast Asia to have the chance to sample the drink. (No wonder our bank accounts always look so empty at the end of the month.)

Apparently, this high-priced coffee is brewed with beans from a small mountainous area in Panama, and it’s believed to be the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world (topping even the controversial Kopi Luwak). A natural processed Geisha cultivated at 1,800m above sea level in Boquete, the record-breaking Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee went for no less than US$601 (S$814) per pound at the Best of Panama coffee auction hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama in August.

That means the sale of the 100-pound lot went for US$60,100 (S$81,428) — which is a rather terrifying sum to cough up for coffee. Even for one that reportedly earned 94.1 points out of 100 for its cup profile.

Photo: The Coffee Academics

Anyway, if all that information intrigued instead of horrified you, count your lucky stars that you live in one of the most expensive countries in the world.

From Nov 6, the Esmeralda Geisha will make an appearance at The Coffee Academics for a whopping S$85 per serving. Less than 80 cups will be available to the public, and you can either have it brewed at the cafe with your preferred method or brew it yourself at home.

If that’s not “exclusive” enough for you, pop by GastroMonth Singapore on Nov 5 for a cupping and brewing demonstration, where you’ll get to try the beverage, along with a menu of mocktails, coffee cocktails, and canapes. But just, y’know, be prepared to drop a cool S$128 (US$94) for bragging rights the experience.

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