Speedy sushi: Grab plates from $1 off conveyor belts and car tracks at new eatery One Sushi

Photo: One Sushi

Say hello to One Sushi, the new local brand that just launched its first store at Northpoint City Town Square to compete with the myriad other options in the area. It’s basically another Japanese restaurant serving up dishes like double salmon roll ($9.80), hotate mentai ($4.80), and hamachi kama ($13.80), but what helps it stand out (slightly) from the rest is its quick service.

Photo: One Sushi

Here, diners can plop down on a chair in the 68-seater space and instantly reach out for their favorite sushi right off the two-tier conveyor belt, or pick up the iPad menu to order items that’ll zoom towards them on a car cruising along the top track.

Photo: One Sushi

Sure, it’s gimmicky and nowhere near a new concept — we’re reminded of Genki Sushi’s “express train service” and almost every other fast casual Japanese joint with conveyor belt sushi — but the particularly affordable menu here could make it worth your while.

The ikura gunkan will set you back $1, while the yellow plated dishes — of which they have 50 sushi varieties such as uni (sea urchin) — cost $1.50 each, and cups of green tea are on the house.

Photo: One Sushi

However, a quick scroll through One Sushi’s Facebook page unearthed almost as many 1-star reviews as 5-star reviews (ouch), with unsatisfied diners calling out the restaurant for poor queue management and limited sushi selection. Do with that what you will.


One Sushi, #01-04 Northpoint City Town Square, Yishun New Town.
6481-9331, Daily 11:30am-10pm
MRT: Yishun

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