Ordinary Burgers: Nothing’s over $11 at this modest new burger joint in City Square Mall

Photo: Benita Lee/Coconuts Media
Photo: Benita Lee/Coconuts Media

There’s nothing ordinary about Ordinary Burgers, despite its humble name and a seemingly non-existent online presence. It’s a modest kiosk hidden in the basement of City Square Mall, one you’d probably only notice if you pass by from Farrer Park MRT station on a regular basis. But what caught our attention were the brightly-lit images of luscious-looking burgers — that, and the affordable prices.

Having resigned ourselves to a lifetime of coughing up at least $15, sometimes $20, for a decent burger, the stall’s starting prices of $5.30 for the spicy fried chicken and $6.40 for the classic cheeseburger were an attractive draw.

Photo: Coconuts Media
Photo: Coconuts Media

It’s pretty no-frills here, although there is a small seating area with high chairs if you’re not keen on taking away your burger and watching it wilt by the minute. Just six items are offered on the limited menu — besides the two basic ones, you’ve also got a portobello option ($7.50), a buttermilk fried chicken one ($5.90), the hulking double cheeseburger ($10.20), and Japanese sweet potatoes ($2.80).

But don’t make the mistake of assuming those are sweet potato fries, ’cause they’re actual whole sweet potatoes. A little strange, but sure, we’ll take that healthier route. We did wish for a handful of fries to go with each burger bite though — it’s really not the same without — and if you’re like us, well, McD’s is around the corner. Just sayin’.

The double. Photo: Coconuts Media
The double. Photo: Coconuts Media

As for the burgs, the cheeseburger is your best shot. The beef patty’s flavorful and juicy, the buns are fluffy, and it’s basically an all-round decent option that hits the spot without taking too much out of your wallet. If you’d rather go for the fried chicken, we’d recommend the spicy rendition. It’s not as fiery and irritable as the stomachache-inducing McSpicy, but it sure has a kick and works better than the slightly sweet salted egg sauce that drenches the regular version.

For a drink to wash all that down, try any of the juices or smoothies by The Common Heroes next door — it’s run by the same folks.

Ordinary Burgers is at #B1-K11/K13 City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Rd.
MRT: Farrer Park

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