A new bougie nasi lemak contender emerges, this time with a Japanese tempura twist

Photo: Nasi Coco / Facebook
Photo: Nasi Coco / Facebook

Nasi lemak — the ever-present Southeast Asian breakfast classic — has gone through thousands of iterations since 1909, when it was first written about in Sir Richard Olof Winstedt’s The Circumstances of Malay Life.

Today, nasi lemak remains as popular as it was during our ancestors’ time, but the combination of steamed coconut rice, anchovies, sambal, egg, meats, and vegetables has gone through a modern renaissance recently. We’ve got the nasi lemak burger; gourmet nasi lemak; and even nasi lemak ice cream for Odin’s sake.

Here comes a new challenger to the throne of trendy nasi lemak — a fusion of Japanese frying techniques and traditional ingredients typical in the Malay dish.

Say hello to Nasi Coco, the new restaurant that just popped up in West Coast Drive specializing in nasi lemak and tempura. Hope you’re still hungry after lunchtime — we’ll just let them describe their signature dish.

Price-wise, they’re not too shabby for some atas fusion fare — mains start from $8.90 and won’t go over $11.

Other entrees include fried tempura luncheon meat and sweet potato, topped with homemade sambal mayo and “Coco Mayo” sauce. The Giant Chicken Wings are said to taste just like Ikea’s old ones, so that sounds highly appealing.

Before you ask, yes, the logo does kinda look like ours but they’re in no way affiliated with us (some free food would be nice though). Check ‘em out at NeWest mall at 1 West Coast Drive.


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